Here are the organizations that contributed Startup Battlefield MENA

Today in stunning Beirut, Lebanon TechCrunch held its first Startup Battlefield in the nation. More than 700 individuals watched the show nearby, which included speakers from all through the Middle East and 15 new companies contending in Startup Battlefield.

A champ will be picked toward the day’s end and they will leave with a $25,000 prize. As of this present post’s distribution, a victor has not been picked.

What pursues, is each organization’s Startup Battlefield contribute the request that they showed up in front of an audience.

[Please note: Videos will be added to this rundown as they become available]

Startup Battlefield Competition – Flight #1


Land development firms these days are attempting to stay aware of the quick moving pace of innovative headways so as to satisfy the market always showing signs of change requests. Buildink is putting forth a progressive answer for development firms, by means of a versatile and portable well disposed Cable Robot Concrete 3D printer and Signature Concrete Mixture. Solid 3D printing won’t just open the space for boundless building structures, it will likewise diminish the general development cost.


Sounds is the main marriage making application in MENA that match singles as well as assistance them fabricate solid connections. Propelled in Cairo with a one of a kind coordinating calculation of one match at any given moment, controlled by a solid group of therapists, figured out how to achieve a 100,000 client base in just couple of months.

Material Solved

MaterialSolved is an information representation programming for substance/nano mixes. MaterialSolved enables researchers and logical artists to make complex logical 3D models, static representations, and movements in an effective manner. Not at all like broadly useful illustrations and perception programming, we utilize another model that unions a few calculations to accomplish critical time and cost decrease and make numerous visual portrayals conceivable.


MoneyFellows empowers access to premium free credit and causes savers to effortlessly achieve their sparing objectives. We do this by digitizing the customary ROSCA model (Rotating Savings and Credit Association).

How it functions:

1-Group of individuals combines to contribute a fixed regularly scheduled payment into a typical pot.

2-Every month one of the clients accepts the entire pot as a payout.

3-Circle closes when all circle members gets his/her payout once.

4-Circle is then normally rehashed with a similar gathering of individuals over once more.”

Neotic AI made auto-brokers for money related markets, giving the open door for everybody to utilize cutting edge innovation to get higher profits for their reserve funds. As such, Neotic clients can discover prepared to utilize, fitting and play, live tried, AI controlled exchanging systems and send them legitimately on the representative record without composing any single line of code.

Startup Battlefield Competition – Flight #2


Naturansa delivers brilliant protein from eatable bug become through pre-buyer sustenance squander deterioration. We have constructed versatile innovation that produces creepy crawly all year which at that point get changed over into a protein powder. We right now utilize our item in pet nourishment showcase, yet our objective is to move into human utilization and take care of major ecological issues that are available in current protein creation.

IT Grapes

IT Grapes is an accuracy cultivating stage made by an inside created equipment for savvy observing of natural information and control of in-field hardware, joined with an online center point that offers access to united information for chose on-screen characters of the rural segment so as to support ranchers, taking the correct choices and improve the decentralized knowledge incorporated into the in-field gadgets.


IN2 is a games and exercises stage that intends to streamline the action association process. Regardless of whether it’s wellness, sports, music, or different exercises, IN2 makes arranging and partaking in exercises a significantly more charming background. It does that by engaging organizations and coordinators with the board apparatuses and associating them to the important partners


Seez is a portable application that lessens the time individuals spend scanning for a vehicle from 17 hours down to a couple of moments. By completely computerizing your hunt, seez utilizes its AI chatbot, Cesar, to filter all destinations, distinguish the vender, and even bring the cost down for you. Along these lines you will see all vehicles available to be purchased in your nation and the last cost of every vehicle.


AUTOTELL is patching up driving knowledge, Our point is to give you the correct guidance at the correct minute, helping you decrease utilization, get the greatest return out of your vehicle by giving you the remote checking, recognizing shortcomings on street, have an entrance to a car Eco-framework and getting moment exhortation at whatever point required through AI individual aide every minute of every day.

Startup Battlefield Competition – Flight #3


Synkers is versatile stage that associates understudies with profoundly qualified friend coaches on the spot. We intend to assemble the biggest network of learning trade to improve the scholarly presentation of who and what is to come. By empowering a consistent cross-outskirt move of information and making instruction open to all, Synkers plans to change training through structure a versatile learning innovation. Our vision is to upset the training segment by acquainting a customized learning innovation with upgrade the scholarly exhibition of students.


Verboze furnishes inns with the capacity to make their rooms keen to such an extent that visitors can control lighting, cooling and different parts of the room from in-room control tablets or their own cell phones. Verboze incorporates with any current arrangement/foundation of a lodging, prompting an expense and time viable brilliant room arrangement.


MakerBrane is an advanced and physical stage that allows anybody to configuration, assemble, or exchange their own playworlds. Blending on the web configuration devices with a cross-brand, true development framework, it is hackable like Minecraft, physical like LEGO, and open like your creative mind.


For the creatives out there, we know making spaces that collaborate with individuals is convoluted, with a great deal of specialized difficulties. To make everything straightforward, we made RGKit. It’s the world’s first measured fitting and-play contraption that changes shows and displays into intelligent spaces; with a simple to-utilize process, to connect with faculties, mix feelings and make vivid encounters.

Unadulterated Harvest

Unadulterated Harvest Smart Farms is a provincial trend-setter in feasible horticulture concentrated on the creation of nursery organic products and vegetables in the difficult (outrageous) atmospheres of the Arab Gulf district utilizing world-driving nursery developing advancements. Having some expertise in vine vegetable yields (tomatoes, capsicum, cucumbers, eggplants, strawberries, and so on.), Pure Harvest tries to pioneer all year creation of reasonable, premium quality new produce.

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